Living under favourable conditions is the main thing about the campsite. All the criteria of the installation are respected by a professional service provider. The latter sets up a welcoming block of facilities, a strategic and safe place that aspires to stay there for as long as possible. Respect the camping charters according to the following titles :

Qualities of welcome

Atout france

This centre is the only service entitled to confer the number of stars to a camping service. Providers are subject to a classification based on the criteria of comfort and customer service. Thus, every five years, the service providers receive an on-site service check. The qualitative classification is defined by the number of stars, i.e. From 1 to 5.

Tourism quality

It is a label imposed by the state in order to embellish the tourist image of the campsite. Preparing your campsite requires checking the presence of the provider's label. This campsite charter covers all the criteria to respect the main needs of the customers. This is a good general welcome, a vigilant and attentive staff, a mastery of several languages, authentic information, comfort and cleanliness of equipment.

Camping quality

To commit to the camping charter is to raise a few criteria to obtain the camping qualité. Any campsite can apply for this label, but compliance with the five rules is required : - the welcome symbolised by hospitality and conviviality - cleanliness and hygiene - precise information on the description of the equipment and its periodic operation - the campsite site assigned to calm and well supervised security - the environment to be protected while applying the best possible conservation conditions.

The conformity of the space

Gîtes de france

The gîtes de france camping charter is conditioned by the importance of a spacious and friendly welcome. The quality of the service is ranked every five years by the number of ears of corn, from 1 to 5. To find a gîtes de france labelled campsite is to expect liveable and charming spaces, equipped with full facilities to simulate a beautiful home life. Gîtes de france can be assigned to a "green" campsite, a "traditional" campsite, a "village" campsite, a "farm" campsite, or a camper or caravan.

Welcome to the farm

To be awarded the charter camping bienvenue à la ferme, the service of the peasants should complete the satisfaction of its customers according to the life conditioned by the farm. The label will be dedicated to a farmer who provides the peasant products, the training on the farm, the local food, the animated visit of the farm. Might as well optimize the activities to win this famous title of agricultural camping.

Environmental conservation

European ecolabel

It is a collective label of all european countries, it prevails to study and limit the disadvantages of using products and services on the sanitary environment. To adhere to the ecolabel, service providers and their customers undertake to respect the camping charter to generally protect our being. This invites to comply with manufacturers, consumer or environmental protection association.

Green key

This label is the result of a good precaution to protect the green world in the approach of service providers. Following the line of sustainable development, the service providers respect the campsite charter. That is to say, all daily habits, whether in the campsite or in a public entertainment area, are subject to an environmental conservation condition. This also means that the service providers also have the duty to share this green philosophy with their clients. When camping, fresh air is sucked in, generating euphoria.