When you are travelling or on holiday with family or friends, the problem is finding the right place to stay during your stay. During the holiday period, all hotels are almost full. One solution is to buy a mobile home or a camper van.


A mobile home is a mobile home that can be used as a temporary residence for leisure activities. It can also be used as a second home. But what is the budget needed to acquire a mobile home? Indeed, the price of a mobile home is fixed by its dealer since its departure at the factory. The cost depends on the quality of the mobile home, its shape and surface area. The various costs such as transport costs, installation costs of the mobile home are not included in the mobile home price ex factory. The transport costs depend on the distance of use and the location where you want to install the mobile home. To calculate the total cost for the purchase of a new mobile home and its ancillary costs, double the ex-works value must be calculated.


A mobile home is a mobile home, it is often used in the campsite. It can be used as a permanent or second home. But it can also be used as a guest house for holidays. A mobile home is an outdoor accommodation, it brings modern comfort and infrastructure available in the campsite. There are two types of mobile home, the single mobile home and the double mobile home. The single mobile home has a surface area of 120 square metres and the second mobile home has two trailers placed side by side. In France the use of a mobile home is very uncommon, it is used in campsites by people who want to have a temporary residence at a lower cost.


First of all, a mobile home can be used as a permanent or second home. Then, when you have a new mobile home, you will be able to enjoy a good comfort, you benefit from a perfect insulation thanks to the double glazing it has. Indeed a mobile home is made to bring a better comfort of life. Then the advantage of having a mobile home, you can rent throughout the year a top-of-the-range mobile home or rent it with another family, it will be able to make quick money. For the holidays, having a mobile home is an advantage, because you won't have any more problems to look for a room where you will install. And finally, one of the advantages for the acquisition of a mobile home is the possibility to install it in several destinations. Its installation is practicable especially for the land to rent. Like any home owner, you are subject to property tax and housing tax. On the other hand, you are paid the tourist tax. As a movable property, you do not have to pay notary fees. You are the owner of your mobile home but not of the pitch. This is the reason why you are obliged to pay the property tax.