Mobile home

What is the budget for a new mobile home?

When you are travelling or on holiday with family or friends, the problem is finding the right place to stay during your stay. During the holiday period, all hotels are almost full. One solution is to buy a mobile home…

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Dealer? Camping, private individual: where to buy your mobile home?

The purchase of a mobile home is a question that often comes up. Is it profitable for the holidays? What do we gain compared to buying a second home? On the one hand we will see the many advantages of…

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Practical advice for choosing the mobile home you need

You want to live in a mobile home but you don’t know the acquisition process? Nowadays, more and more couples are choosing a mobile home. Notably because of the comfort it offers, its mobility as well as other advantages. So,…

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Sublet your mobile home: things to know

There are no regulations specifying or prohibiting the subletting of a mobile home. As the mobile home is a mobile and detachable residence, its owner only rents the pitch in a campsite or municipal ground. Living in a mobile home…

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Find the best mobile home offers for rent or for sale

Nowadays, you no longer have to find a hotel or an apartment when travelling with your family. All you have to do is rent or buy a mobile home. This method is very popular with holidaymakers. Very practical and comfortable,…

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Find out online about the prices of new mobile homes

In order to find the right property for you, you can opt for modern online search methods. By opting for online property search methods, you can easily find the good quality items you want to buy. For the purchase of…

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