The purchase of a mobile home is a question that often comes up. Is it profitable for the holidays? What do we gain compared to buying a second home? On the one hand we will see the many advantages of buying a mobile home on a campsite. On the other hand, we will see the conditions to be taken into account when buying a mobile home.

A price defying all competition

Indeed, compared to a second home by the sea, it is much easier to become a mobile home owner. At our campsite we offer different ranges of second-hand mobile homes from new. Fully equipped and installed, with a wooden and canvas terrace, we offer to become owners for a budget ranging from 7900 to 35000 euros. In these price ranges you will have new or second hand mobile homes but also 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom mobile homes ideal for families. Please note that as the mobile homes are already installed, there are no transport costs and there are no costs for setting up the mobile home on the campsite which can quickly raise the bill. In comparison, an apartment close to the sea could cost you much more with sums above 100 000 euros for most of them. Especially since apartments will incur condominium fees as well as notary fees when you buy. Becoming the owner of a pied à terre for your holidays becomes easier for you with the purchase of a mobile home.

A certain comfort

Indeed, mobile homes today are very comfortable. The equipment, especially in the kitchen, allows you to live as if you were at home. Moreover, the bedding is also of very good quality and allows you to enjoy your stay on the campsite. The mobile homes are functional and very practical for leisure use. We guarantee you that these holiday homes are the assurance of a successful stay close to nature.

A mobile home on a campsite guarantees you a presence in your absence

Here is another advantage that shows the interest of this type of housing. The mobile home in a 4-star campsite is the assurance of a permanent caretaker during the opening. Indeed, since the campsite is maintained, the owners and employees of the campsite can keep an eye on your mobile home. In the event of a problem, the second home obliges you to take the car yourself to go and check on the spot for any damage. A mobile home on a campsite gives you peace of mind in case of bad weather for example.

You can rent your mobile home

Another advantage of the mobile home is that you can rent it in high season when you can't go on holiday. Several studies and documentaries talk about the possible profitability of rented mobile homes. However, the real profitability is when you use it personally. By paying the annual rent for your pitch and going on holiday regularly it becomes very profitable. Nevertheless, the rental in itself allows above all to amortize the costs incurred by the mobile home, which is already interesting when you can't use it yourself. Each campsite offers or not specific modalities of subletting. These are indicated on the information leaflet that you will receive from the campsite.

You can take advantage of the campsite's facilities

A heated indoor swimming pool, a lake, a grocery store nearby... add all these points to a second home and the price explodes. Especially for your grandchildren, Mickey's Club, rides in Saint-Jean-de-Monts, quickly increase the budget of your stays. Thus, the fact of gaining in the purchase on the one hand and having in-house services on the other hand allows you to have a holiday full of activities at lower costs. For a mobile home on a campsite, it's different, you benefit from all the facilities and services of the campsite. On your way back from the beach, you can enjoy the swimming pool or the lake that we have at the Camping le Domaine le Jardin du Marais. Finally, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant setting with a campsite in the heart of the Vendee marsh.

You will enjoy the summer animations of the campsite.

Shows for the children, animations and activities... by buying in a campsite you are also welcome in the activities of the campsite. In a secure area your children will be able to enjoy animations inside the campsite during the whole summer season. Moreover, you yourselves will be able to take part in these animations. The Domaine le Jardin du Marais is an eco-responsible establishment with a green key label, it offers original activities on the respect of the environment allowing everyone to learn more about ecology.