Following adventurous desires, you plan to move for a few days of vacation.  Camping is an option to be able to save money while keeping a certain freedom on activities and destinations. Each destination imposes its own installation conditions, so you need to know how to choose your camping formulas.


This campsite offers itself to an expanse of nature promising new mountain adventures. There are different ways to get there: with a motorhome, a tent or a caravan. Apart from discovering the fauna, mountaineers will get a breath of natural air and enjoy a long traverse by climbing a broad ascent to the top of the mountain. This kind of camping allows adventurers to play skiing in the winter and to go for bike rides or walks in the summer. For some international destinations, there are other surprises of nature: river, waterfall, flora, culture, fruit and vegetables, kayak, and much more. Equipment and food are prepared according to the number of days of passage and the climatic condition of the destination. Often, the camping formulas complement each other, in the mountains and in the countryside. If you have a camper van, it is very advantageous to enter a village frequently. There are camping formulas designed for this environment. The farmer provides the campers with a more supervised installation. Moreover, the service mainly offers a guide on the best adventures on the farm: exploitation, training, peasant production. This can be combined with a mountaineering session. Sometimes even an offer of equipment such as bicycles is possible. In addition, the service covers the vital safety of the campers for example for their daily needs: water, electricity and food.


The camping village formulas correspond to several squads radiating around the places of relaxation activities in the village. This is a camping service reserved for clients who expect well supervised collective environments. The campsite service offers several plots, each of which is dedicated to rental. Often, camper vans and tents are ready to welcome newcomers. There is an entertainment programme for the whole family with games, sports, festivals, fairs, shows and a swimming pool. The role of the service provider is to structure the general welcome both in terms of space and activities. Campers are therefore invited to measure the rate charged according to the reputation of the atmosphere, activities and tools available on the premises.


This is a place that is not dedicated to receiving camping packages, but is the envy of adventurers. Even when this place is free for travel enthusiasts, the condition of installation is legally established by the public domain service. Generally speaking, few places offer this type of camping, especially those with more favourable living conditions are forbidden. Eventually, if camping is allowed somewhere, the adventurer is subject to the preparation of a block of personal equipment according to the number of days of passage. It is also necessary to foresee a security cover according to several cases imposed by the place, a great knowledge of the place is thus necessary to avoid bad surprises.