Published on : 16 May 20203 min reading time

That’s it! You have decided to try a camping experience this year. But this is your first time and you’re a bit confused about the equipment: what are the essentials for good camping? If there’s one thing to remember about this adventure, it’s that camping in a tent can’t be improvised. Prior preparation is essential to guarantee a good camping holiday. Also, living in a tent requires as much comfort equipment as possible. However, carrying all your stuff on your back is simply impossible. You have to limit the weight of the bag and the essentials with it. So what are the basics for a camping holiday? Here is a summary of the camping equipment to take with you.


Indeed, the tent will serve as your accommodation or hotel during your outdoor holiday. Therefore, the choice depends on the climate of the destination and the mode of travel. Anticipate the number of sleeping places, the lightness of the tent and the ease of installation according to your needs and priorities. For example, for a family planning to camp on the same site for several weeks, use a large family tent. Conversely, for nomadic campers who move from one campsite to another. They must travel light and therefore prefer a hiking tent that is easy to set up and store. Many models are available on the market, so make your choice according to your budget and make sure it is comfortable and spacious for you.


For sleeping equipment, two products are required: a camping mattress and a sleeping bag. For the latter, you have to take into account the climate and the season of the stay. If you plan to camp in the summer, a simple cheap sleeping bag is sufficient, but it will not be suitable at all if you go out in the cold. Camping mattresses are available in many different designs: foam, inflatable, etc. Some campers are content to use a gym mat. It’s light, but for a minimum of comfort, it doesn’t jinx it. Opt for a small self-inflating mat at a reasonable price.


As far as clothing is concerned, the list of essentials can be summed up as light, warm and waterproof clothing to face any kind of weather. It is also important to have underwear that fits well for various activities: swimming, walking, hiking … Some basic accessories are also essential for the stay in the tent: a gas stove, camping cutlery, a cooler. For a successful stay, don’t forget to bring games, lighting and equipment to charge your gadgets (smartphones, tablets, computers…). If the situation allows it, you can add secondary elements such as foldable camping equipment for more comfort. Something that nomadic campers have to sacrifice.