Would you like to enjoy a holiday in the open air, and comfortable like at home? In addition to your caravan, you can add one or more outdoor features to it. This is the caravan awning. It is like a tent with openings, attached to your caravan. Combining both aesthetics and comfort, it is recommended that you choose an awning adapted to your caravan. So here are three tips to find the ideal awning to give you pleasure during your camping holidays.


It is important to adapt the size of the awning to the size of the caravan. A complete caravan awning will help to hide the flaws of your old awning and give it a more attractive appearance. You can also choose a partial awning, whose attachment is set back from the end of the caravan. To measure the dimensions of a caravan awning, you will need stiff rope, tape measure, and spikes if you are working alone. The caravan must be placed on the ground to complete the measurement. Start by determining the two ends for attaching the caravan awning brackets. They should not, however, extend beyond the spread of your trailer (measurement between the far left and right ends of the trailer). Tension the rope between these two points. Stitch the ends of the rope at the previously determined points so that the rope comes to rest. Then measure the rope with a tape measure to determine the circumference of the caravan awning. However, you can measure the awning with a tape measure straight away.


The choice of awning material depends on the season and weather conditions of your destination, but also on your budget. The PVC caravan awning offers the best value for money. It is very watertight, weatherproof, but heavy to carry. You will also find a range of polyester canvas. This material is ultra-resistant to UV light. It even has a high absorbing power, to the point of infiltrating humidity inside the awning. Being light, polyester is suitable for short-term camping and medium wind pressure. Cotton is also a textile that is widely used to make a caravan awning. This UV-resistant material is thermo-regulating, to regulate the interior temperature. Cotton is also very absorbent, but it takes a long time to dry. This can make the material heavier. In addition, cotton awnings are expensive. However, there are ranges associated with polyester which are less expensive. Caravan awnings made of coated synthetic materials are suitable for long-term campers. Acrylic canvas with PVC coatings, for example, can last up to 2 years.


The grammage and material of the canvas also matter when choosing a caravan awning for a particular season. The weather conditions are not the same in every season. In summer, for example, it is warmer, but sometimes it rains, while in winter it snows. So the spacious travelling awning made of cotton, polyester or acrylic adapts to the warm season. These materials are rain-resistant and absorbent. Moreover, the space allows the children to be occupied while it rains. On the other hand, it requires heavy materials, with an important weight during the winter. The PVC caravan awning is suitable for this period, as it is quite heavy and resists wind gusts. You should also opt for a sloping and slippery roof to evacuate falling snow. Finally, 4-season awnings are suitable all year round. In particular, they are made of solid and durable materials.