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The Best Art Camps for Children, Teens and Families! Start Planning Your Family Art Camp Vacation Now!


There are many different types of camps available for children and teens…but what about families? Families that participate in activities TOGETHER tend to form stronger bonds…bonds that last a lifetime! There are many different family art camps in the United States. From painting to acting…I can guarantee that there is an art camp out there that your family will enjoy! Why not shake things up a bit and start planning your family art camp vacation now! Besides, the beach will still be there next summer…why not try something different this year! Below are some of the best art camps in the United States.

Great Family Art Camps!

  • Feather River Camp

Feather River Camp is located in Quincy, California in the Plumas National Forest. This wonderful camp offers a variety of family camps through-out the summer and each one has a unique theme. From folk dancing to garage band week, there is sure to be an art theme that your family will enjoy. There are also several classes and workshops available (photography or painting anyone!?). After dinner activities include singing by a campfire or a rowdy game of flashlight tag. Trust me when I say there is something for everyone at Feather River Camp!

  • Concordia Language Villages

Want to learn a new language? If the answer is YES…then Concordia Language Villages may be the right art camp for not only you…but your family as well! Located in Moorhead, Minnesota, Concordia Language Villages is certainly unique! After all, where else can you go away for a short summer vacation and come back speaking a new language?! Not only will your family learn a new tongue…they will be immersed in the art, cuisine, and music of the culture of their choice. No matter whether you choose Spanish, German, Finnish or French, your family is bound to have a wonderful time at this educational and fun art camp!

  • Lark Camp California

Located in Mendocino Woodlands State Park, Lark Camp California is an art camp like no other! This beautiful camp offers music and dance techniques from around the globe. There are many different workshops available. From Middle Eastern Drumming to learning to play the accordion…if your family enjoys music from other countries and cultures…then Lark Camp California is the art camp for you!

  • Montecito Sequoia Family Vacation Camp

Located in Kings Canyon National Park in California, Montecito Sequoia Family Vacation Camp truly values families! This classic camp puts a strong emphasis on physical fitness, outdoor activities and of course, adventure! From swimming, outdoor adventure riding, and a variety of water sports…this art camp has it all! Along with outdoor activities, Montecito Sequoia Family Camp also puts the spotlight on the artist in your family. Each day starts out with a family sing-along and the lights don’t go out at night until the last person has had their chance to sing at open mike night. Singing not your thing…no worries! There are several art classes available as well as a staged variety show. With so many things to do, it’s no wonder that this art camp rates number one among many families!

  • Chautauqua Institution

The Chautauqua Institution is located in Western New York and trust me when I say it has a wide variety of activities! This art based family camp has a full range of outdoor sports to choose from including golf, swimming, tennis and hiking. However this camp is not just for the outdoor enthusiast as there are daily lectures and workshops on theater, ballet and the symphony as well. If you want to stay physically fit while studying some of the finest symphonies ever written…then this art camp is for you and your family. After all, nothing compares to a little summertime culture!

With so many different art camps throughout the United States it can be difficult to choose which is best for your family. Whether you choose a camp that is based around outdoor activities or one that teaches language arts…the important thing to remember is that family time is important! Families are forever…and the more time you spend together as a family unit…the better! Now go plan your family vacation and get ready to make some memories that will last a lifetime! Good luck!

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