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Design 9
Comfort 5
Weight 7.2
Customizability 8.2
Features 8.5
Price 9


7.8 tech score If you want an effective, useful, simplistic range pack, just go ahead and order this pack. You won’t find a sharper, good looking. masculine and very effective range handbag that this one.

GPS Tactical Range Backpack is a great range pack. I can take 2 of my handguns in their separate sack, including extra magazines. The bag is a little bulky. But due to that it does maintain its condition and isn’t flimsy as well as doesn’t collapse.

The main compartment is huge which enables it to hold a large amount of ammo. It even incorporates a divider if you need to split things up. The two entrance pockets are adequate to hold on to your extra miscellaneous stuff like a flashlight, pens as well as phones and other EDC gear.

The bottom compartment of this tactical backpack also features a plastic case to store cleaning goods or extra smaller parts that match into its netting.

There is also a pocket on the right side of the bag that holds even more equipment. The one thing I ran across and wasn’t alert to is the rain protector nestled throughout its pocket at the back of the actual bag.

This can be a great range bag and will hold everything you should need for a visit to the range. Each compartment carries a symbol based graphic indicator, which makes it simple allows you to access what you need quickly


Compartments for magazines along with other accessories have a symbol to offer a clue to what should possibly be held exactly where, so it’s easy to load in place your bag as well as find what exactly you’re seeking.

This book bag is made of sturdy nylon that was treated along with DuPont Teflon; you can be confident it was designed to last.

Other features include a padded midsection strap to keep the weight stabilized, and possesses room for accessories including shooting safety gloves, holsters, a new mag pouch, ear defense, ammunition, and more.


And because there’s a place for everything, you will not get your gear messed up, and you’ll always be capable of finding what exactly you need quickly. The bottom compartment in the bag is spacious enough to load it with a great deal of gear and handguns.

This is the ideal backpack if you engage within multiple firing disciplines including USPSA, 3 Firearm, and IDPA, given it is organized so correctly. You won’t find by yourself digging via this bag seeking something, as every thing is easily at your fingertips.


This GPS RANGE BACKPACK has a 3” Back button 5” obvious plastic pack with partitioning that is wonderful for storing other accessories.

Unlike other bags that have internal pouches that are flimsy and also easily ripped, this handbag has pouches that are well constructed with nylon, so there’s no need to bother about rips as well as tears.

A Velcro loop is provided to keep rolling in place paper goals, and the particular zippers are high quality and won’t break away. The zippers contain a YKK locking system from the handgun compartment. Features such as the MOLLE webbing system that’s triple-stitched add to the look and also feel of this backpack, and ensure it’ll last for years to come.


I purchased this pack from Amazon. Shipping time had been average (5-8 business days), and the package arrived in good condition.

If you want an active, useful, simplistic range pack, just go ahead and order this pack. You won’t find a sharper, good looking. Masculine and very efficient range handbag that this one.

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