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Mountainsmith Mountainlight Packs


Miracle diets are likely to weight loss without suffering never work, right? Wrong. We found an exception: Mountainsmiths Mountainlight pack series. These lightweight backpacks do allow you to shed pounds without sacrificing load control or comfort.

Five editors and several gear testers carried the four backpacking models on this packing line (Auspex, Chimera, Ghost, and Specter), and every one of us came home happy. For a hike in Arizona’s the San Francisco Peaks, I loaded up the near-expedition-size Specter with a week’s worth of gear and a decadent selection of fresh food. I figured Id use the 2-plus pounds I was saving in pack weight to brighten my eating options with weighty foods Id usually leave behind: apples, carrots, cheese, chocolate chip cookies. Because the Specter proved just as comfortable as similar-size packs Id carried, I almost felt as if I were cheating. Gain with absolutely no pain.

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Lanterns & Flashlights

Princeton Tec Aurora Headlamp Review

9.1tech score

The Princeton Tec Aurora is a L.E.D. headlamp with 5 settings (bright, dimmer, dimmest, flashing slow, flashing fast) that uses 3 LED bulbs.  The product description describes the Aurora as a plastic waterproof headlamp with a pivot that allows you to direct the beam anywhere.  The Aurora has a single head strap that goes around the head with no top strap.

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